Tuesday, July 22, 2008

First Day in Korea

I am at our host family's home on Wednesday July 23. I wrote a blog on the plane yesterday and I will post it here for all to read.

Hello from the airplane! Right now as of this writing we are over the Bearing Sea (where they film the tv show Deadliest Catch.) We are approaching the International Date Line (John is excited as he is looking for a date!!!) It is so bright outside that everyone has their window shades closed and it looks like night in here even though it is 6:40 our local time. Russia is to our right.

Everyone got to the airport safely and on time. We all got our luggage checked, got through the security just fine and on the plane. The food they served for dinner was good, some chose a western dinner of steak and veggies and some had Bi-Bim-Bab which is a rice and veggie mix with meat with hot Korean paste and sesame oil. I ate all mine up.

Not much to report on now, Pastor James is teaching me some Korean to share with the church on Wednesday night! Please pray for me!

Most everyone is either sleeping, watching movies or playing video games. We’re cruising at 33,000 feet at 530 mph. The outside temperature right now is –58 degrees F. That’s right...minus 58 degrees. Folks, that’s chilly!

We will arrive in Incheon Airport about 1:00am Tuesday Morning Seattle Time but it will be 5:10 Tuesday night Korean Time. I will post this the first chance I get.

At the airport, a few of us got text updates on Fran and her stroke. She seems to be doing much better from the reports we’re hearing and we certainly do praise God for that! Keep praying for Fran and Floyd as they go through this difficult time in their life.

This next message is for my secretary Celeste. As I am not in the office I cannot run the tight ship that you have come to appreciate in me. So, I expect hard work in my absence, no vacation time taken and no problems to report to me upon my joyful arrival back in my office. ;-)

I’ll keep everyone up to speed on our trip, daily if possible and keep praying for our team.

God Bless,
Pastor Dan


The Daly family said...

It's about time...and it's even worse, when you think that you're 16 hours later than you think...ha/ha. We're looking forward to reading every word! We've always patiently awaited your blogs...but patience is out the window, now! =)
Please tell Kristiana we said hi and that love her very much!!
You all are in our prayers!!

The SS of SBC said...

What happened to the idea of "while the boss is away the secretary will play"? All is well here so far. Tell my kids I love them and ask Anna where she put the dustpan - I can't find it anywhere!