Monday, March 23, 2009

Is God Invited?

I have been watching a few videos about the debate between Intelligent Design vs. Darwinism (evolution) lately. Although I've always believed in Creation by God in 6 literal days, I have been blown away at the scientific proof that points to an Intelligent Creator and the scientific house of cards that evolution is built upon.

Yet in academia Intelligent Design cannot even be mentioned without fear of loosing your job, tenure or being black balled. God is NOT invited into most of the scientific classrooms of America today and what a shame.

There was even a debate in Indiana about allowing a religious statement on a "vanity license Plate" on a car. According to "For nine years, Elizabeth Ferris had a license plate that said 'BE GODS,'" the attorney explains. "She had taken inspiration for the license plate from the late singer Rich Mullins, who used to sign his autograph by saying 'Be God's' -- meaning 'Belong to God."

"She found out that the Bureau of Motor Vehicles had changed the license plate policy and would no longer permit references to religion or a deity on the personalized license plates," he relates. The ADF attorney thought that was odd -- "...because Indiana offers to its residents a specialty license plate that says 'In God We Trust,'" says Stanley. ADF has dropped its suit in light of the state agreeing to change its policy to permit references to deities on its specialty plates.

What a shame that we have to have laws preventing God or religious sayings on license plates? What are we coming to. I know the suit was dropped but come on! As the poll at the very bottom of this blog page shows, right now out of 45 votes 85% of you who have taken the poll agree that America is forsaking God and is heading down the same path as socialized Europe.

If you would like to watch some of the best arguments FOR Intelligent Design (God creating the earth) please rent or buy these videos:
The Privileged Planet, produced by Illustra Media DVD
Unlocking the Mystery of Life, produced by Illustra Media DVD

How Great is Our God by Louie Giglio, DVD
Ben Stein EXPELLED, No Intelligence Allowed. Produced byPremise Media Corp. DVD

Is God invited into your circle of life?

Just a Thot.
Pastor Dan