Saturday, July 26, 2008

Day 4 in Kwang ju

Good morning. As I am typing this it is 6:50 am Sunday morning. We didn't do a whole lot yesterday. We didn't go anywhere except walk around two or three blocks around the church and different groups bought in the local stores and of course stop by Baskin Robins for ice cream!

Lorrie had her women's conference yesterday from 3-5:30. The ladies enjoyed that.

The revival last night was very moving. MANY, MANY people came for different decisions (salvation, rededication and deeper service). For many of you who have been praying for Anna Lim's father, well, he came forward last night and received Christ as His Savior!!! That is a great answer to prayer!

As of right now, everyone is healthy and ready for VBS tomorrow. The weather hasn't been quite as hot and humid the last 2 days but it's still steamy.

Pastor Choo made sure yesterday that the ladies of his church fixed my favorite meal.... Spaghetti! It was good! They are providing large meals for us and going beyond their means to make us feel comfortable. Please pray that God would bless them for their good treatment of our group and the honor they are showing to us.

Well, that's about all for now, yesterday was pretty much a down day for rest. Pastor James and Anna Lim enjoyed time with their families at her dad's 70th birthday party. They are enjoying seeing friends and family. I'm so glad they are able to do that while we are here.

Keep praying!
Serving in Kwang Ju
Pastor Dan