Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day 2 in Kwang Ju

I am writing this at 6:am Thursday morning Korean Time. We arrived at the church at 4:50 am this mornig for early morning worship and prayer time. It started with singing and then Pastor Choo talked about the body of Christ and then prayer time where everyone prayed outloud together for about 15 minutes and then we left. We all came back to our host homes for breakfast and will meet back at the church at 10am. It is hot and humid!

Yesterday, Wednesday was a big day. We met at the church and went over VBS preperations in detail. We ate lunch at the church and in the afternoon CBS TV came and interviewed me for a TV spot which should be airing here today. I went into the pastor's office and was interviewed by the newspaper. Today the radio station will interview me for about a 10 minute slot. All the team got to watch the interview. It's bad enough doing a tv interview, add to that it's in another country and add to that I just ate Kimchee...I was a little nervous. I only had to do 3 retakes!! Boy it's hot and humid.

In the afternoon all our group went around a few blocks picking up trash and handing out flyers for revival, vbs and women's conference. IT WAS HOT AND HUMID!

We came back, had some free time where some walked around town and bought stuff. We practiced our group song in Korean and ate supper. At Wednesday night service we all sang and I said a few words in prep for our revival, vbs & women's conference and Pastor Choo closed with a few words. After that we all went to our host homes about 9pm and even that late it's hot and humid.

We got up and went to prayer meeting this morning and that brings us back to where we started. Everyone is doing FINE! Everyone is healthy and enjoying all the new experiences in church and the community. It hasn't rained yet, temp I think is around the mid 80's with 200% humidity.

I am having trouble posting new pictures, so as soon as we get it figured out, I will be posting new pictures day by day. Thanks for praying. Could someone click on the comment button and give us an update on Fran's condition?

Did I mention that it sure is hot and humid here???

In Christ,
Pastor Dan