Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bombardment of the Family

As Ronald Reagan used to say, "Well, here we go again." As most of you know, I use this blog to bring you news that you probably won't hear in the main stream TV stations or newspapers but that are relevant to our christian living...and here we go again.

According to American Family News Network on their news service, the National Education Association (NEA) is battling hard to take our public schools into areas they should not be meddling into. The following is the short article from as they presented it:

"The co-founder of the National Education Association (NEA) Conservative Educators Caucus says the NEA will consider adoption of a resolution supporting homosexual "marriage."

The NEA is currently holding its annual convention in San Diego, California. Educator and conservative activist Jeralee Smith called OneNewsNow from the convention to report that the executive council has approved language that will throw the full support of the NEA behind same-gender marriage, homosexual adoption, and other issues surrounding the homosexual agenda. "They will help to overturn legislation that is discriminatory against same-sex couples," she notes. "And then there is one little bullet about [how] they will recognize that marriage has a religious connotation and it's not compatible with beliefs and values -- because of that they recognize that certain churches should not be forced to conduct same-sex marriage." Smith says the resolution could be voted on as early as midday Friday or as late as Tuesday of next week. She points out this is not the first political issue the NEA has undertaken. The NEA gave $50 million to help elect President Obama in 2008."

Hummm, I thought school was supposed to educate our children about the basics of education, you know reading, writing and arithmetic. So now they feel a need to educate our children on "proper family roles" by teaching that homosexuality is a legitimate family unit? I thought we weren't supposed to teach morality like the 10 commandments you know the basic stuff like Don't steal, don't lie, don't kill...YES, that's right...those things that are considered way too controversial to teach in public school. But homosexual couples/families? Well, that's ok I guess because it's being taught by the leftist socialist progressive agenda and not from a Conservative viewpoint.

50 Million Dollars to elect a president? Our schools are drastically cutting programs because they don't have enough money. Well, President Obama was elected but at what cost? Our kids miss out for lack of programs. 50 Million would have gone a long way toward education, no matter who the President is. Oh they can cut band, cut sports, cut all the field trips, cut the arts...but their attitude seems to be "come hell or high water...we've got to teach the homosexual agenda to our little ones."

Well, I'm frankly tired of it. I can't do much to influence the NEA but I HAVE always and WILL always be involved in my kid's individual schools. I know their principles and teachers from elementary, Jr. High to High School. I stay in touch and I talk and question. Schools are in the business to educate NOT indoctrinate. And I encourage you to be involved and take a stand. Together we CAN make a difference. Somewhere Somehow we HAVE to TAKE AMERICA BACK! WE DO THAT ONE FAMILY, ONE SCHOOL, ONE CITY AT A TIME.

Just a thot,
Pastor Dan