Monday, April 21, 2008

Smart Friends and God

I am blessed with smart friends in the church! The other day Jim Z. came over and taught me how to use a string to see if the tires on my van were close to being aligned. We ran a string from the front tires to the back to see if they were straight and they were. But the van kept pulling to the right. On Jim's advice I got 2 tires and replaced the old ones on the front. It worked! The van runs straight down the road and doesn't pull at all. I was so inspired, I decided to do something nice for the van and I changed it's oil! Let's's every 30,000 miles right?

I got to thinking...there are some "spiritual alignments" I need to be checking in my life. I need to put a string up to my life to see if I am straight in line where I need to be with God. (the Bible calls Righteousness the Plumb Line of God, Isaiah 28:17). Righteousness means "the purity of heart; to do right according to God." Am I? Not compared to others but to God's String that is perfectly straight. Sometimes there are little "tweeks" I simply need to do...and sometimes I need to completely remove some old stuff (old tires) and put on new stuff. (If I could just figure out how to get rid of my spare tire!) anyway....I digress...

Smart friends and God. It's so good to have a church family where we can help one another in our area of "smartness!" It's good to have a God who loves us and is concerned about us and even teaches us through the little things like wheel alignments. Dennis and I went fishing about 6:30 am April 19 on American Lake. It began to snow and snow and we were in a white out in the middle of the lake and snow began to stick in our boat! We weren't as dedicated fishermen as we thought we were. Dennis and I are good friends, but I don't know how smart we were (on that day at least.) We pulled out and went to McDonalds for breakfast. Fish fear us.....when it's warm.