Wednesday, November 5, 2008

11:4 on 11/4

Well, the election is over. Obama will be the next President of the United States. The day of the election I was praying and (don't get me wrong, I'm not a mystic, but I do believe God still speaks to us!) I sensed I was hearing the question, "what day is it?" I thought this is Tuesday. Then I thought, "no, the date..." The date was November 4, or 11/4/08. Then the book of Psalm popped into my mind.
I turned to Psalm 11:4 and this is what 11:4 said on 11/4, "The Lord is in His holy temple; the Lord is on his heavenly throne. He observes the sons of men; His eyes examine them." WOW! No matter who won on election day on 11/4, Psalm 11:4 still states a strong statement and promise!!!
No matter how excited you may be over our next President or discouraged you may be over the direction our country may go in the next four years God's Word remains the same. God is still on His throne, Psalm 11:4.
I have to remind myself on these days after the election of the verse in Psalm 20:7-8, "Some trust in chariots, some in horses, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God."
My faith in my God and my future is secure! I do not fear, nor should any of us fear our fate as believers. My prayer is the same as the Apostle John's prayer, "Even so come quickly Lord Jesus." But if the Lord tarries, we have to understand that God has created us and put us on this earth for such a time as this. Of all the times we could have been born, we are here now. God has a purpose for us here and now.
So even though my faith in my God is steadfast and secure, I must admit that I still am fearful for the direction our country may take; idealogically, politically, and economically. Because of those real possibilities (an in my opinion, eventualities) it behooves us all to earnestly pray for our country and the new President just as the Bible tells us to in 1 Timothy 2:1-2.
You may or may not like or agree with him, but our command in 1 Timothy is not based on our political opinions but our spiritual obedience.
So with all that being said, I want to share with you what someone sent me in an email today that said this, "After the election:
* Jesus is still King.
* Our responsibilities as Christians have not have changed.
* The greatest agent for social change is still winning hearts through the gospel, not legislation.
* My primary citizenship will still be in this order - (1) the Kingdom of God, (2) America.
* The tomb is still empty.
* The cross, not the government, is still our salvation.
* Our children are still more concerned with whether or not we spend time with them than with who is President.
* My neighbor is still my neighbor, and loving them will still be the second greatest command.
* The only way to see abortion ultimately overturned will still be winning men and women to a high view of life through the gospel of Christ.
* The only way to see gay marriage ultimately defeated will still be winning men and women to a biblical view of marriage through the gospel of Jesus Christ.
* My retirement will still not match my treasure in Heaven. (Talk about a golden parachute!!)
* "Jesus Is Lord" is still the greatest truth in the Universe.
* We still know that God is in control.
I couldn't have said it better myself on 11/5.
Just a thot.