Friday, July 25, 2008

Day 3 in Kwang Ju Friday

Good morning to everyone. Day 3 was an exciting day. We started out by getting to the church at 9:30 and got on the church bus (NICE BUS!) and they took us to a department store with 9 stories! It was equivilent to our Nordstroms. It was a very nice department store but SO EXPENSIVE! We didn't buy anything there.

Then we went to another part of the city and did some shopping in the underground subway. I think it was miles of shopping stores underground. It was fun and good experience. We try to bargain down the price. Sometimes we do and sometimes they won't, but it's fun.

Pastor Choo and the church took us to eat at a restaraunt as their treat. They are very generous. We came back to the church and rested and changed clothes for the revival that started last night.

The revival went well. MANY people came forward for personal decisions and prayer. Please pray for the other 2 nights of the revival.

I am asking that you pray hard for our health. Dr. Rob says there is a combination of things that are causing some of our members to get sick (but they are getting over it.) The combination of the HEAT and our bodies getting used to the spices in the food and a lack of drinking enough water and gatoraid caused Anna P. and Brendon to get sick last night. Dr. Rob atteded to them and they are doing much better this morning. It's really HOT here, and we're not used to having to drink more to make up for the difference. We're really going to emphasize that this morning in our morning briefing.

Kristiana had a slight reaction to some anchovies in some soup she had but again Dr. Rob attended to her and she is great today.

Revival lasted from 7:30 to about 9:30. They sing a lot and because of Pastor James interpreting everything I say, my sermon lasts TWICE as long. God really moved among the people of Jordan Baptist and for that we are grateful.

As I am typing this I am reminded of the hardships that early missionaries had all over the world and even the first missionaries in the Bible. Their bodies getting used to the food, the heat, the bugs, the lack of all they were used to and add on to that, for those missionaries the persecution! Here in Kwang Ju the people are very hospitable and have gone beyond their ability to take care of us, but our bodies still have to adjust and we have to be careful. These are just some things that every missionary has to face, so thank you for your prayers.

Well, I think that is about all. God bless everyone and keep praying.

Serving Jesus in Kwang Ju,
Pastor Dan