Monday, July 28, 2008

Day 6 In Kwang Ju

Good morning from South Korea. I'm sorry I didn't get to blog yesterday, we had to be at church very early and I didn't get up in time to blog before I went to VBS. So let me give you an update on Sunday and Monday.

Sunday was a very good day. I talked about the rapture and gave an evagelistic invitation and several people came forward. At the end of the service the church brought forward a very beautiful cake and celebrated Lorrie's and my 23rd anniversary. They gave her a very nice purse and me a very beautiful watch! The rest of the day we just kind of hung out or people went to their host homes. We came back to church Sunday night where Pastor Choo preached a very good message. Pastor James played the guitar and sang a song he'd written years ago and I accompanied him on the piano. Bethany played a very pretty number on her flute along with her host family, as a special and it was very nice!'s the BIG news. Bible School. First let me say that the church is beautiful and nice, but it's not layed out the best for LARGE groups of kids. Now with that being said, let me tell you what happened.

They usually have around 70 kids of their own and about 30 more come from the community for an average VBS of around 100 kids. On Monday we StARTED with 110 kids in the morning. A school dismissed for summer break at 10:30 so with kids trickling in all morning and a new influx of kids coming in from school we ENDED the day on Monday with around 215 kids. We DOUBLED kids in 2 hours! And was almost as hectic as it sound like it would be. But God provided and it all went off ok. They told us for today, Tuesday, there should be 20-30 more kids from other schools who will be attending as all schools are out for summer break now.

Right after VBS we were taken to a 5 Star Hotel and Restaurant where we had a genuine several course Chinese meal. It was a VERY swanky place! The took us to the very big and nice city hall where they had all kind of exhibits of the products of Kwang Ju. The KIA headquarters plant is here also. Then we all got on the bus and they drove us to Moodoong Moutain (A National Park) it was a very beautiful place.

We came home, ate supper at church and went to our host homes. This morning I am getting ready to go to VBS is 30 minutes to see what God has for us today! Susan, next time you're coming with us!!! HAHA.

Well, I do have to go. I'm finding it difficult to post pictures on this blog but Chris is doing a great job at posting new pictures on the website so I would encourage you to go there and see all the latest pictures! Everyone is doing very well now, except Lorrie has a very bad sore throat. Please pray for her.

God bless,
Pastor Dan