Thursday, July 31, 2008

Day 9 in Kwang ju

Good morning everyone. I didn't get a chance to blog yesterday but we are way out in the mountains by a beautiful lake staying at a church member's house and his neighbors lake side resort. It is very nice. We had a pulled pork BBQ last night...wonderful!

The last day of VBS went very well, a few less kids but we averaged over 200 kids a day! Praise the Lord. After that we went to the National Museum of Kwang Ju boy was that great! Ancient aritfacts and the history of the Korean People. Wednesday night we had a joint worship service and it was very nice as each church officially requested of each other to form a joint partnership for the future for World Missions.

Thursday morning we all got on the bus at 9am and traveled to the Bamboo Museum (which happens to be the area of Anna Lim's birthplace), then we went to an ancient garden and home place from the 1500's. It was a National Park, very beautiful. At the Bamboo Museum we saw lots of neat bamboo history and got to shop at MANY bamboo craft stores...spending our WON!

Pastor James had an opportunity to stay with his mother and she is traveling on the bus with us and they are having a great time. Pastor James wants to express his appreciation to Sunrise for the opportunity to spend time with his mother which he hasn't seen since 2001.

We then came to the lakeside resort where I am typing my blog. I will try to post a picture of the lake here on this blog. Make sure to look at the website for updated pictures. Everyone is healthy and having a good time. Thanks for your prayers. God bless.

Serving in Kwang Ju
Pastor Dan