Monday, September 29, 2008

Up Coming Events

Fall is here and so many things are starting fresh. School has started, folks are pretty much done with vacations and yes....the rain IS eventually coming. But that doesn't stop us here at Sunrise from going forward and accomplishing many aspects of our vision.
(1) We are an official Pierce County Disaster Relief Shelter. Our Disaster Relief Team has been doing a wonderful job of training and keeping us informed on how that is going. Oct. 18 Sunrise is hosting a REGIONAL Disaster Relief Drill here at our church!
(2) We have started Small Groups! This has been a vision God has put on our hearts for a while and this September we have several small groups meeting on Thursdays and one group on Tuesdays. We praise the Lord for these relationship building small groups.
(3) Please pray for our Music Minister Search Team. We are still in the process of seeking God's person and timing for a Full Time Music Minister.
(4) Plans are still rolling forward....after finding a full time Music Minister, we will turn around and get a team to search for a full time YOUTH MINISTER. In the mean time please be praying for God's will to be done.
(5) Once again October is here and we have every court in South Hill Mall for our Harvest Festival. Please sign up to help, bring candy to the church and help us reach our community.
(6) The men's group had a good fellowship time at my house roasting hotdogs in the fire pit on Sunday night Sept. 28. It's good when we can get together and talk guns and fishing and hunting and all those other manly things that manly men discuss at manly men fellowships.
(7) Church directory pictures are coming up so don't forget about those, check your calendars!

Well, just a few thots, about what's coming up this fall. Hope everyone can get involved in something and serve the Kingdom with the gifts that God has given you. Here's one last manly thought: Why do we press harder on remote control buttons when we know the battery is dead?

Just A Thot,
Pastor Dan