Wednesday, March 25, 2009

New World Currency Coming!

Ok...before anyone brands me a kook I want to show you what is happening THIS WEEK. Just for a moment let's forget what the Bible has to say about a one world government and a global currency coming and look at the facts playing out before our very eyes.

This week March 23, 2009 The BBC news reported "China suggests switch from dollar." Now this is rather unique because China holds the largest reserves of U.S. Dollars at 2 Trillion. Mr. Zhou, China's Central Bank Governor said that the US Dollar could eventually be replaced by the Special Drawing Right (SDR) which was created as a unit of account by the International Monatary Fund back in 1969.

BloggingStocks report headline "China proposes a new world currency." This reports that China is concerned that all the printing of US money is going to have a negative impact on China's holdings.

FinancialTimes, headlines "China calls for new reserve currency" "Today the value of SDR's is based on a basket of four currencies, the US Dollar, Yen, Euro and Sterling."

The WALL STREET JOURNAL headlines "China Takes Aim at Dollar." "China called for the creation of a new currency to eventually replace the dollar as the world's standard." The International Monatary Fund (IMF) has been working on a proposal to issue bonds probably only to central banks. Japan has loaned the IMF $100 Billion and the European Union has pledged another $100 Billion."

E-Commerce Times headlines "Are we headed toward One World Currency?" T.F. di Stefano says, "My best guess is that the foreseeable future we will continue to have currency zones like the US Dollar Zone, the Yen Zone and the Euro Zone...however, I wouldn't be surprised if an additional zone were created."

Well, well, well...what's happening today IS laying the groundwork for what the Bible said WOULD happen in the end times. FOLKS...I'm telling you...we are living in the last days and this is the beginning of what has to happen before the anti-christ sets up his one world government.

Are we who say that this is coming crazy kooks? Conspiracy theorists? You look at the facts and decide. I say, even so come quickly Lord Jesus.

This time, it's more than just a thot.
Pastor Dan